The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Human Movement Technology is the only university of applied sciences who is participating in the ability battle. The study concentrates on the human body as well as on technology. Human Movement Technologists functions as a bridge between the technical world and the medical world. Students learn a lot about anatomy, physiology, and movement analysis as well as technical subjects such as mechanics, technical drawing and material science. Human movements are investigated and special attention is paid to the restrictions and the possibilities of the human body. These restrictions and possibilities depend on the body of the individual so every design has to fit within these factors. Most of the designs are concentrated on widening the possibilities for the individual. Designs can be made for disabled persons, rehabilitation purposes, sports and ergonomics.

We are glad to join the ability battle with our varied team in which each participant strengthens the team with their own personal skills. We have people with practical experience, in the field of disabled people, people with knowledge of anatomy and physiologoy, people with programming skills and people with practical experience in the field of measurements and even making interfaces for the equipment. Our team consists of seven persons three woman (Hilke van Meurs, Demi Loof, Liscia Beenhakker) and four man (Ties van Vuuren, Abe Funnekotter, Walter Schravendeel, Ruben de Gelder) from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. Our supervisor is Monique Berger. We are looking forward to share and to gather knowledge with the other teams.

Translating good ideas on paper into reality is craftmanship that we strive for.