Hielke Nobel

I am a first year bachelor student of Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. I am originally from The Netherlands, but I have lived in Sweden for 8 years and studied a year abroad in Scotland. Growing up, I have always been a very competitive football player and now have taken on a new challenge, triathlon. Challenging myself is one of the reasons I wanted to participate in organising the ABH 2018. Organising such a big, international event also allows me to gain experience in the field and work together with like-minded people. Furthermore, with my international background, it gives me the possibility to further develop my professional network.

Tom Panneman

I am Tom Panneman, 19 years old and a first year student Human Movement Sciences in Groningen. Since a couple of months I am living in Groningen as well. Moreover I like to sport and to play music. I want to participate in organizing the Ability Battle Hackathon 2018 event in order to broaden my horizon in terms of Human Movement Sciences. Furthermore, I would like to meet the other international students and talk about their experiences with the study. I am looking forward to it.