Social Program

Eline Blaauw

Hi all, my name is Eline Blaauw and I am responsible for the social program during the event. I am currently a first year Human Movement Sciences Master student following the Rehabilitation specialization. Before that I finished my bachelor of Physiotherapy and followed the Pre-Master program of the university to be where I am now. After attending multiple conferences and enjoying them very much, I became interested in organizing an event like this myself. By arranging the social program I hope that the students not only gain a lot of knowledge, but also have a wonderful time in Groningen!

Thijme Langelaar

My name is Thijme Langelaar, master student of Human Movement Sciences and a veteran of the City of Groningen. My focus is on ‘Healthy Ageing’, a field were major advances are happening every day! Furthermore, my interests lie in Dynamic Control Systems, open source collaboration and Computer Science. The Ability Battle Hackathon 2018 is a great opportunity to merge these interests! Top-universities collaborating with companies to achieve new understandings of current knowledge is of great importance to the field. To ensure a smooth collaboration, social activities are a must to strengthen this bond. Together with Eline and Karolina we will make sure you have plenty of social opportunities to wind down from hacking all day. Hopefully we will welcome you on the 9th of December!