Jeroen Tooren

I was asked to help out in the organization of the Ability Battle Hackathon 2018 by one of the professors of Human Movements Sciences Groningen. I agreed to help out, but I had not thought of a function beforehand. We met up with an initial group of students. I signed to help out with PR, since I like to try new things. Since I have never done anything PR-related, I think this is a perfect opportunity to develop myself. I hope to see you all at the first Ability Battle Hackathon in Groningen!

Mohammed Khudair

I am a first-year Master’s student in Sport Science from Sweden. I did my bachelor’s degree at the University of Halmstad in Exercise Biomedicine. I have joined the Ability Battle for personal development, where I get the opportunity to learn about the organisation of big events, the social activities and the opportunity to network through the project. Also, I am interested in seeing the result of the battle that is related to Human Movement Sciences, my area of study

Dennis Tempelman

I am Dennis, a 19-year-old bachelor student. I am currently in my third year, which means I have to choose a direction soon in which field I want to specialize. One of the ways I want to broaden my horizon is by organizing ABH 2018. I personally think that this battle allows me to interact with you guys and hear about your perspective of HMS, or like-wise studies in that direction. Besides that I think this is a wonderful time to meet students from all over the world.