Lisette Bouwmeester

Hello, my name is Lisette and I am 21 years old. At this moment, I am a first year master student in Sport Sciences. Last year, I competed at the Skills Lab Battle, which was very interesting, because we had the opportunity to work with different measurement tools. Now, the opportunity for me came to be involved in organizing such an event, which is the Ability Battle Hackathon 2018 and I am very excited about that! I will mainly focus on the logistics of the event. All together, we will make a great event of the first ABH 2018! Hope to see you there!

Francisca Trigo Pereira

Hello. I am Francisca, I am 24 years old and I come from Portugal. I did my bachelor in Sport Sciences and now I am a first year Master student doing Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. I have decided to collaborate in this project because it allows me to develop new skills and be part of an international and challenging event.