Communication & Assignment

Gabriëlle van der Jagt

My name is Gabriëlle van der Jagt and I am a first year student of the master Sport Science in Groningen. Last year I was part of the 2nd price winning group of the first Skills Lab Battle in Groningen. This battle was organized as a pilot for the Ability Battle Hackathon 2018 and since then I was interested in organizing this event! I became part of Team Communication which communicates with universities and part of Team Assignment which designs the assignment for the Ability Battle Hackathon 2018. I’m looking forward to the battle!

Marije Hagendijk

I’m Marije Hagendijk and since last September a master Human Movement Science student at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. In the past four years, I have always been surprised how diverse the scientific field within the Human Movement Science is, but also how much is still not known yet. Therefore, a beneficial characteristic of Human Movement scientists is that they are always triggered by challenges and competition. To bring together motivated, combative teams to solve a problem unknown is my motivation to participate in the organization of this event! My focus within this organisation is to frame the assignment and maintain contact with the universities/teams. So, Lets the Battle begin!

Lonneke Snoeren

My name is Lonneke and I am 22 years old. This year, I started the Master Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen. Before moving to Groningen, I lived in Maastricht were I finished the bachelor Biomedical Sciences with specialization Human Movement Sciences. After four years in the beautiful Maastricht, I thought it was time for something new and ended up in Groningen. Through fellow students I heard about the Ability Battle Hackathon 2018 and went to the first meeting to see what is was about. The idea of bringing international students to Groningen and let them taste the student life in Groningen, convinced me to be involved in the project.